Introducing the NY+acumen Blog!

Hello, world! We are finally starting up our blog to help drive important conversations about social impact issues and give you greater insight into what we are doing here in the NY+acumen community. The blog launch is being led by three members of the NY+acumen Community Development and Partnerships committee:

Michelle McCloskey was drawn to NY+acumen’s commitment of using a global community to create a world beyond poverty. In addition to NY+acumen, Michelle is involved in a project devoted to creating communities of learners and native speakers of endangered, dying and diaspora languages.

As a social entrepreneur herself, Molly Burke is heavily invested in finding disruptive solutions to social issues across the globe. Molly decided to join the NY+acumen community based on Acumen Fund’s approach to poverty alleviation via patient capital. Go ahead, throw her a tweet at @mollyvburke.

Shawn Dimantha is excited about the convergence of healthcare, technology and social causes. Shawn joined NY+acumen to support and collaborate with a network that is working towards solving some of the world’s most complex social problems. His blogging inspirations are Seth Godin and the Bob Loblaw Law Blog. Tweet it out at @sdimantha.